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Upon receiving your message,we will reply within 24 hours except national holidays.

Please feel free to contact our sales manager Mr.Daniel Zhu by info[@] for more details.

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contact our service team via telephone:+86-21-5822 1695, or

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Zuudee service team

You are warmly welcome to come,visit and feel our factories and our cities in Jiangsu province and Shanghai.


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or finally simply use following table to contact our sales engineer,thanks.

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About Zuudee

Zuudee now have 3 factories for special nickel alloy,one is for melting,another is for forging,the third is mainly for various machining job.The three factories are located in Wuxi city,Jiangsu province.Zuudee now have 2 offices for nickel alloy products,one is in Shanghai,another is in Wuxi,Jiangsu province.We do not have facilities for tubing and sheet,but we have very solid partners to help us in making tubes and sheet rolling,one is in the same city,Wuxi,for tubing,another one is in Fushun,LiaoNing province,mainly for sheet rolling.

From following photos,you can find more details:

zuudee forging plant 1 zuudee forging plant 2 zuudee forging plant 3 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA shanghai office Zuudee Office

sheet plant tubing plant



For more information about Zuudee,please visit the group website:

zuudee holding group


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